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Resilence Week

2023 Resilience Week Posters and Reception

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - 4:00pm-6:00pm - Prince George's Exhibit Hall AB

Machine Learning-based Dynamic Granular Electric Outage Forecasting
Tianqiao Zhao, Renewable Energy Group, Interdisciplinary Science Department, Brookhaven National Lab

CVSS Base Score Prediction Using an Optimized Machine Learning Scheme
Dinesh Vasireddy, Master's Student, University of Arkansas

Building Resilience in Critical Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships: An Exploration of Referent Organizations and Their Influence
Judy Esquibel, Senior Cyber Advisor, U.S. Army Cyber Command

WIPP: Towards IEC 62443-3-3 Network Compliance via Software-Defined Networking in Digital Substations
Georgios Michail Makrakis, Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant, University of Idaho

Improving Resiliency for Large-Scale Water Suppliers Facing Drought-Related Financial Risk
Madison Haley, Graduate Research Assistant, UNC Chapel Hill

Disrupting EV Charging Sessions and Gaining Remote Code Execution with DoS, MITM, and Code Injection Exploits using OCPP 1.6
George Fragkos, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Method for Developing Power Distribution System Case Studies Using Land Use Zones
Grant Cruse, Asst. Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Forced Power Systems Oscillations Due to Cyberattacks: Threats, Detection and Partial Mitigation
Brian Johnson, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Endowed Chair in Power, University of Idaho

Modeling the Effects on Electric Power Grids of Indirectly Coupled Infrastructures Due to Multiple User Dependencies
Alexis Kwasinski, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburg

Sensor and Actuator Attacks on Hierarchical Control Systems with Domain-Aware Operator Theory
Craig Bakker, Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Effects of Hurricane Ian on Communication Networks and Electric Power Infrastructures
Alexis Kwasinski, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburg

EmSense: A High-Resolution Emulated Sensor for Experiments with the Smart Grid and Distributed Ledger Technology
Aaron Werth, Research and Development Associate for Cyber Physical Systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Cybersecurity Investment Analysis for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures
Shaurya Purohit, Graduate Research Assistant, Iowa State University

Towards 5G-Enabled Operational Technology for Process Monitoring and Network Slicing
Jared Aguayo, R&D Cybersecurity SE, Sandia National Laboratories

What Role Do Aggregators Play in Power System Security and Resilience?
Reiko Matsuda-Dunn, Reiko, Matsuda-Dunn

Cyber-Physical Resilience for Electric Freight Vehicle Charging Depots (WIPP)
Benny Varghese, Research Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory

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